Emerson recently introduced the ProAct Alerts Mobile App for iOS, an intuitive and easy-to-navigate mobile application that delivers facility alarm notifications for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and similar commercial environments. The app is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store.

Emerson’s ProAct Alerts Mobile App works with the company’s ProAct™ Services, assisting retail facility managers, store managers and contractors in quickly and effectively responding to critical HVAC, refrigeration and building alerts. The new iOS app enables store managers and service technicians to easily navigate and review the alarm resolution process on a mobile device. Smart alarming and filtering ensures the notification reaches the designated contact, helping improve speed of response to critical alarms. Also, real-time access to the alarms helps field service technicians, in many instances, make a service call armed with all of the parts, equipment and information needed to make the repair in one trip.

 “It can be challenging for retailers to handle equipment issues while balancing multiple store priorities and achieving customer satisfaction,” said Ron Chapek, senior product manager, retail solutions for Emerson’s Commercial & Residential Solutions platform. “ProAct Alerts Mobile App gives retailers a whole new level of control over facility alarms, assisting them to review and resolve issues on the appropriate timetable to help increase uptime while decreasing food loss, operational costs and energy use.”

Using ProAct Alerts Mobile App, retail end-users can resolve an alarm themselves or send it back to the Emerson ProAct Service Center for triage and resolution of the issue. They can decide if and when a service call is needed, and if multiple alarms can be handled by one service call instead of multiple calls. If no action is taken, the alert remains in the queue for standard processing. Additionally, the app incorporates historical equipment data and the ability to link alarm events with specific store assets to further assist with event interpretation and identification of the appropriate resolution.

The user-friendly, intuitive design of ProAct Alerts Mobile App allows for rapid onboarding and features a simple workflow for quicker alarm resolution.  Emerson.com/RetailSolutions